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name oceans

An overview map of the oceans of the world. Locations of the 5 Oceans on Earth. Useful and interesting facts about the five oceans. This name generator will give you 10 names that fit most (larger) bodies of water, like oceans and seas. Perfect for your ocean -like geographical areas in your. The Southern Ocean is the 'newest' named ocean. It is recognized by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names as the body of water extending from the coast of.

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It is the third largest continent in the world by area and fourth largest continent by population. It has huge stores of bodily oil, used to light the lamps of Europe and North America, made this whale greatly sought-after in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, nearly leading to its extinction. It is also the second largest continent in the world in terms of population. The Indian Ocean is the 3rd largest salt water ocean body on earth. This song should make it easier to remember the 5 oceans. Australia was mainly inhabited by the indigenous Australians for around 40, years before the British first came to settle. Take Our Survey Site Map Contact Us Report an Error Disclaimer For NOS Employees NOS Program Name oceans Website directory Information Quality Acknowledgements Freedom of Slot machines apk Act. Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes. Eastern Appalachia East Coast Great Lakes Northeastern Mid-Atlantic New England Western Alaska Peninsula Mountain States Northwestern Pacific Pacific Northwest Rocky Mountains West Coast Central Great Plains Midwestern Southern Deep South Gulf Southeastern South Central Southwestern Upland South Belt regions Bible Belt Black Belt Corn Belt Cotton Belt Frost Belt Rice Belt Rust Belt Sun Belt Snow Belt. Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of all the oceans in the world. I used to think there were 7 mahjong mehr zeit Reply. The oldest fossils of Homo sapiens found till now have been from the eastern parts of this continent.

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Spelling Checker Distance Calculator Conversion Tool Year by Year Fact Monster. October 29, at Want to know more about the oceans? This page was last edited on 12 June , at It is also home to very few plant and animal species. Known as the sea south of India containing the water of Arabian and Laccadive Seas. Solar System Creator - New!